How to Permanently Remove Facial Hair

male hair removal

I’m a guy; can I remove facial hair permanently without having to shave again?

Good new fellas, yes you can! Welcome to the world of laser hair removal.

Laser is a permanent form of hair reduction. It eliminates the targeted hairs for good & it also takes care of bumps & ingrowns (because no hair means no ingrown hair), leaving you with super smooth skin.

Shobha® Laser Treatments are available for your face & bod now at Shobha SoHo, Shobha Columbus Circle, & Shobha Dupont Circle. Best of all, you can save some bucks when you invest in a Shobha Laser Package (view prices here.)

Need more convincing? Check out this Shobha Laser testimonial.

“I’ve been going to a Shobha for a loooong time so I’m on their mailing list.  When I got an email about their laser hair removal soft-launch, I didn’t hesitate to sign up.  This was my first experience with lasers so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The esthetician, Arisa, spent a good amount of time explaining everything & answering questions.  The actual process took about 30 seconds (upper lip only). Did it hurt?  YES!  Was it effective?  YES!   The reasons why I’ve stuck with Shobha for so long for threading & waxing is because they provide stellar service in a calm, friendly environment.  This was no different.  Two thumbs up as usual!”

Erica R.

For more information on laser hair removal & or tips to prep for your appointment click here!

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