How To Maximize Your Co-working Space Experience According To The Founders Of Tascbar

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Working in a communal workspace has a lot of benefits, like getting organized, being more productive, & making worthwhile connections. But as with any shared space, there are some rules of the road that can help you work more efficiently & effectively, & maximize your time. At Tascbar, our community workspace in East Harlem, we know all about that, so we’ve put together a list of a few dos – some tips on how to make the most of your coworking experience.


Be prepared. One thing we always suggest that our members bring is earphones, especially if you like listening to music. Communal spaces are just that: communal. Not only will you be ready to get in the zone with your favorite tunes or podcast, you’ll be able to tune out any other noises that may be distracting. Other things to remember: chargers, snacks, & turning your phone to silent – speaking of noises. (think ahead: make a kick-butt productivity playlist in iTunes or Spotify before you go.)

Do your research. Become familiar with the environment & neighborhood if you’re not already. Local lunch spots come in handy for a quick bite, if you don’t bring your lunch. Bars & restaurants come in handy for the after work social or cocktail hour.

Connect with others. Just because you’re working on your own doesn’t mean you need to work alone. Take opportunities to chat with others in the space & don’t close yourself off from meeting new people. One of the greatest benefits of working in a community space with others is that you can feed off one another’s energy. You don’t need to be speaking to each other or doing the same thing to reap the benefits, but communicating & conversing with fellow work mates can make the interactions more enjoyable & potentially beneficial.

Mind personal space. Though you may not be speaking or interacting with those around you all day long, there is an unspoken code of personal & work space that should be respected. This also goes for “water cooler” time. Be aware of those working around you & take the conversation to a different side of the room or a different room entirely.

Attend networking events, mixers, cocktail hours, etc. You never know when you’re going to make a good friend or new partner to collaborate with. The chances are really high you’ll at least make some great contacts & it will give you a chance to talk up the work you’re passionate about.

Take breaks to refocus. Move around. Get up & stretch. Take a walk. There may be times when you’re sitting for a while knocking out a bunch of to dos, but breaks are just as important. Take advantage of alternative spaces or empty conference rooms. Do some yoga or meditation to soothe your mind and get you back in the productive headspace.

Appreciate your time. Acknowledge you are investing in yourself & appreciate that you’re taking this time to work towards your dreams, & that you’re on your way. Remind yourself you’re exactly where you need to be right now & making progress every day, even when it doesn’t always feel like it.

&…our one don’t. Don’t forget the freebies! Take advantage of free stuff: free coffee, free career consulting, free opportunities to showcase your talents. We offer all of the above at tascbar.

Working on your own can be tough, but a huge part of being a member of a coworking space is receiving that creative and motivative energy, as well as giving it. It’s an exchange that can provide that next step you’ve been looking for. Now’s your time.


Tascbar is an affordable coworking space in East Harlem uniting like-minded creatives and innovatives, providing the environment, tools, & connections to facilitate their utmost potential. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Organize. Create. Inspire.

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