How to Fold A Shobha Tote

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how to fold shobha tote

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a bunch of recyclable bags floating around your kitchen pantry- we know, total eye sore. Thanks to our undeniably neat team member, Kai, we’re going to show you some easy steps in organizing your bag bin.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 large recyclable tote bag (small ones works too!)
  • A flat surface to fold on



Step 1: Lay tote bag on a flat surface (see photo 1)

Step 2: Fold the tote bag in half horizontally with the shoulder straps facing upward (see photo 2)

Step 3: Fold the bag in half twice more or until you have a small rectangular shape (see photo 3)

Step 4: Take the two shoulder straps on the bag and cross them together (see photo 4-7)

Step 5: Once crossing the straps over one another, flip the bag over (see photo 8)

Step 6: Take what’s left of the straps and neatly tie them together (see photo 9 & 10)

Et voila! No more fishing out or untangling your recyclable tote bags, they’re now neatly folded for grab-n-go accessibility.

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