How-To Fake a Dewy Glow Without Spending a Dime!

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create a dewy makeup look

Repurpose your old beauty products for a perfect way to give your body that beautiful glow for any last minute occasions, a first date, or even a wedding!

The 3 beauty products you’ll need:

  • Foundation
  • Light-weight moisturizer (for face) or lotion (for body)
  • Glow/highlighter powder

Mix a few pumps of foundation, with a couple squirts of lotion & a dash of loose glow powder & apply to your face or body. (Increase the amounts if you need to add cover more surface area.)

Pro-Tip* for fairer skin tones, grab a foundation a shade darker & mix with lotion to create a hint of a glowy tan. Make sure to massage it evenly into your skin to avoid a streaky finish!

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