How Shobha Does Fashion Week

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Just because we think about brows & bikini lines 24/7, doesn’t mean we’re exactly fashion-inept. We too get giddy in excitement when we think about New York Fashion Week. Lets face it, if we didn’t offer hair removal services, models would be both hairy & thus broke. So let’s just say fashion & Shobha pretty much go hand in hand!

To commence NYFW, we will be featuring some of our favorite fashion bloggers & friends on our blog from Sept. 8th to Sept. 15th. A new blogger will be announced each day & will feature some hard-hitting journalism questions, such as how to prep your brows for NYFW & what designers you are most looking forward to?!

Then, we will be doing a brow promo on the first two days of fashion week at Duane Reade’s new flagship store located on 40 Wall St. This is a great opportunity to get dolled up before fashion’s night out on 9/8. All you have to do is buy $20 or more of Shobha® products & you’ll receive a free eyebrow threading service. Hey, and who knows…maybe you’ll even bump into some finance hotties on your way there?! Here’s the deets:

  • Brow sessions will be available on Thursday, Sept. 8th & Friday, Sept. 9th, between 11am & 2pm.
  • Spend $20 in Shobha® products & receive a complimentary eyebrow threading service.
  • All brow treatments & products are sold in the look boutique section of Duane Reade located at 40 Wall St.
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