High Brow – Low Brow Recaps Of The Week

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We’re obsessed with brows. Even words with ‘brow’ in it!

Highbrow: Jon Bon Jovi just opened a charity restaurant in NJ called Soul Kitchen, in which patrons can either volunteer at the restaurant or leave a small donation to pay for a meal. The restaurant opened after JBJ learned that 1 in 6 people in our country go to bed hungry. Celebrities who give back? Highbrow. (oh, but minus the whole elite connotation that comes with the word!)

Lowbrow: Apparently Michael Lohan feels it’s necessary to talk about his daughter every 10 seconds to the press. His new accusation is that Lindsay is on crystal meth. Really, your own daughter? Lowbrow.

Highbrow: A Hawaii astronomer recently captured an image of a forming planet 450 light years from earth. The only light year I’m concerned with is buzz; making this completely highbrow (and maybe making me lowbrow?!)

Lowbrow: Rapper & hip hop artist, Soulja Boy was recently pulled over & arrested when cops found both drugs & weapons in his car. Walk it out Soulja Boy… lowbrow.

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