Hedging Your Bets…& Your Bikini!

Long before I started working at Shobha, I used to frequent this tiny little West Village salon.  I don’t know why I went there, really.  It wasn’t cheap, the people weren’t friendly, & it hurt like hell.  But I was also way more timid then & probably thought that was normal for a New York salon.

Regardless, one particular visit will always stick with me…but not for the reasons I just mentioned.  I decided to be daring & get a triangle rather than my standard all-off ‘do.  What I got technically qualified as a triangle but not the suggestively sexy one I had envisioned.  In fact, it more closely resembled a slice of pizza, all big & wide with sloppy edges.  At home while I stared in the mirror & tried to make peace with it, I realized that it was actually making me look fat!  Not only did I have an ugly, messy bikini, but now I was suddenly fatter, too?  Awesome.  Glad I paid for the privilege!

But what I learned that day was an important lesson… your haircut will enhance or detract from your features… regardless of whether it’s north or south of the equator.  I looked fat because the widest points of my triangle were hitting at the widest points of my body…like big neon arrows saying ‘look at these saddlebags!’  After that day, I started experimenting with different shapes, lengths & widths.  Here are the key points I learned along the way…

  • If you want to look leaner [not meaner], try a landing strip on the long & thin side.  It will draw the eye vertically and magically elongate you.
  • If you have a boyish shape & want to add curves, try a wider triangle with points hitting at your widest spots.  This will bring the attention to the curves you do have.
  • Remember, if you’re trying to hide any problem spots, don’t draw attention to them with your bikini shape!
  • & of course some of you might prefer to go to town with shapes like hearts, stars & your boyfriend’s initials.  These can be fun & frisky…but the same rules apply.

Happy hedging!

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