Halloween Costume Ideas With Bold Brow Looks

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Halloween, you are so close…we’ve missed you! In 2 weeks, you will be gracing us with your presence & the age old questions of “what am I going to be for Halloween?” or “how am I going to top last year’s costume?” are popping up in our heads.  Well, throw away those cat ears & ditch that white sheet, this year Halloween should be all about the brows (& face paint of course!).

  1. Channel the original diva, Cleopatra (the queen of the bold brow)!
  2. You may celebrate Las Dia De Los Muertos in school or at home, but this Day of the Dead themed makeup is also a Halloween must-have!
  3. MotherNature may be mad at us lately with all this rain, but she won’t be for long when she catches you in this look!
  4. This costume is the perfect mash-up between your inner freak & inner vixen!
  5. Oh, hello autumn! Nice to see you! It’s been forever…really, 80 degree weather in October is not cool.
  6. Honor the great Roy Lichtenstein with this over the top, mod look.
  7. These creepy, crawly, spider web eyes are sure to freak people out!
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