Hair Removal Tips For A New Mom From A New Mom

Last week we gave you tips on what to expect when you’re expecting as far as hair removal goes based on the personal experience of Lindsey Barton, a new mom who also happens to be our operations director.  Today Lindsey let’s us know what to expect after you’ve had your bundle of joy & you’re ready to jump back on the waxing wagon.

Q: How long did you wait after giving birth to wax?
A: I had a c-section. Even though it wasn’t a vaginal birth I was still pushing & had trauma to the area so I was pretty sensitive. Right after, I was more concerned with how I was going to take a shower than about how hairy my bikini area was.  For all new moms, you should always wait until your doctor says it’s ok – so if you’ve had a c-section, definitely not while you still have stitches.  For me, I waited about ten weeks to get my first bikini wax (& longer for a Brazilian) because my scar (from the c-section) was really sensitive. I didn’t want to stretch the skin in that area  since my scar is in an area where we stretch to do a bikini wax.  This may not be the case for everyone, since it depends on where your doctor made the incision, but it can be on your “hairline” so hair (that you would normally have removed) starts growing around it. I found my scar tissue to be really sensitive & even got phantom tingles.

Q: Why did you wait 10 weeks for your first bikini wax?
A: Breast feeding made my skin super sensitive about everything so that’s the main reason why I waited. Plus, even if you don’t go back to work, there’s still work to be done, so it wasn’t top of mind. When I did finally get my wax, it definitely made me feel a little bit more human. Looking back, I wish I was more consistent with my waxing routine & might have gone earlier because I was a hairy beast & it hurt so bad that first time back.

Q: How long was your skin super sensitive?
A: My sensitivity was heightened for the first year after (my little girl is almost 2!).

Q: Was anything different during the wax post baby bump?
A: Things bounced more, like my belly & felt a bit looser.

Q: What tips would you give fellow new moms getting back into waxing?
A: Go early & go often. After you have your baby, you go on auto-pilot & find yourself taking her (or him) with you everywhere. However certain places aren’t the safest for your new little one, like the wax room or threading chair. I realize this now. Everyone wanted to see her & she was so cute, but I didn’t  bring anyone with me to watch her when I went to get my eyebrows done. I think that’s something as a new mom I don’t think about – who’s going to watch my child if I go somewhere alone & I can’t.  It’s just like going to a nice restaurant & they don’t have highchairs or you have to leave your stroller outside, but your newborn is sleeping & you don’t want to move her. It’s a tough adjustment, but you just have to start thinking about those things now. So my best tip for new moms coming in for a wax:  if you are coming with your baby, be sure to bring a friend so someone can stay with the baby while you’re getting services.  It will be more relaxing for you & your child will safe & with someone she knows.

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