Hair Removal How-tos For Twihards

We at Shobha, like the rest of the world, are Twilight obsessed.   We believe there is a Bella Wwan in everyone – the part of you that is faced with making tough choices… are you team hairless (Edward Cullen) or team au naturale (Jacob Black)?

Or maybe team Jed-ward?  ( if you don’t have a preference or are a lover of all beings regardless of their fur coverage.)

If vamps are your thing, send the man in your life our way for a smooth transition. After a waxing/sugaring session with us, you will have your fantasies come true.

If you have a bit of a wild side – you can bring out the animal instinct in your man! Do a little trimming around the hedges instead so he can maintain his man fur! 😉

The choice is yours.

Have a bloody good weekend. Xoxo donna difascino <3

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