Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Review

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godefroy instant eyebrow tint review

Here at Shobha we’re firm believers of ‘sharing is caring’ to strengthen our tightly-knit team bond. Most days, fave TV show chit chats, good food (often the deep fried kind) & discussing beauty trends do it, but most recently it was tinting our brows.. yes, you read that correctly.

Keep scrolling to read our reviews & see before & after pics of our new brows!

godefroy instant eyebrow tint review“I love it! It makes my sparse brows actually appear & keeps me lazy!” – Jenn

godefroy instant eyebrow tint review“On the first day it was very dark, but then after a good facial cleansing routine it faded to a very natural color” – Kai

godefroy instant eyebrow tint review“I was definitely nervous at first, being that I haven’t dyed anything in over 5 years, but I am quite pleased with the results. The application was easy & I feel like it helped my brows (which are clearly distant cousins, not sisters) look more alike since I can actually see the hairs now.” – Aja

godefroy instant eyebrow tint review“I’ve never had eyebrows before & now I do- I didn’t even have to do it myself.” – Wayne

Similar to a trust-fall, Kai & Wayne gave in to Jenn’s request/wish/demand (our brand director – not a professional makeup artist or Shobha Specialist) to let her try out the process on their brows. It’s quick (under 10 minutes total) & easy!

Here are the abridged steps (but read the ones that come in the package to make sure based on your hair color, darker colors require longer wait times):

  1. Clean the brow area (i.e., brow hairs & skin under/surrounding the brows).
  2. Apply Vaseline – or as we prefer Waxelene (a natural petro-alternative) – to the area around the brow to create a barrier so that the tint doesn’t dye the skin (yep, just like dying your hair).
  3. Squeeze out the contents of the solutions onto the work station card (there are 2). Make sure to tint one brow at a time!!
  4. Apply solution#1 to the brow – go heavy & get the whole brow (this is the color).
  5. Wait 1 minute.
  6. Apply solution #2 directly on top of the brow that has the solution #1 on it.
  7. Wait 1 minute.
  8. Blot the excess solution with a tissue & then continue to wipe the brow clean, making sure to remove any color that may have gotten on the skin.
  9. Repeat on brow #2, et voila – better brows!!!

We’ve added the easy-to-use Godefroy brow tint kits to the retail boutiques at our salons so you can give it a whirl for yourself!

4 things we love about the Godefroy kits:

  1. They are uber budget-friendly (only $9),
  2. They are made with natural dyes from plant extracts
  3. They have a variety of shades to choose from
  4. The results lasts for up to 6 weeks

If you are planning to tint your brows around the time you get them threaded – you can definitely do so any time before you come in for a treatment.  If you are tinting them after, please wait 48 hours to ensure your newly hairless pores have closed.

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