Glow Like J-Lo This Festival Season

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glow like jlo this festival season

Great music, friends & a little sunshine along with its sidekick Vitamin D can a long way for a healthy complexion & your mood, but too much can do more harm than good. Read on for tips to give your skin some J-Lo luster this festival season.

Tip #1: Do the 3-step pregame for freshness

To ensure that your pores can breathe freely, give those key areas (the face, décolletage, shoulders & back) a nice cleanse. Then follow with a light weight moisturizer while your skin still has a little dampness to it (that’s when it can soak up the most moisture!) Since smelling fresh is just as important as being fresh, take care of those pits, opting for deodorant over antiperspirant.

The lightly grapefruit-scented meow meow tweet baking soda-free deodorant cream is our team go-to!

Tip #2: Make SPF is your bff

Accept that sunblock is your #1 accessory this festival season. As much as we love fun in the sun, protection is a-must when you’re frolicking for hours under the sun’s harsh rays. Add sunscreen to your daily routine.

We love us the acure spray-on sunblock as it makes reapplying quick & easy, plus it’s infused with argan oil for a moisturizing bonus.

Tip #3: Re-hydrate with mist(er) right

Pack a light-weight beauty mist in your purse.  Reach for it whenever you need to get a quick boost of moisture; it’ll only take a few spritzes.

Our current fave is the bogavia luminizing beauty mist with aloe vera & immortelle extracts for a refreshing, dewy glow.  Also, it’s got a fresh floral & is clothing-friendly.

Tip #4: Keep drinking (water)

We can’t say it enough: drink water! The more you sweat, the more your body needs to replenish that lost fluid. Water also adds energizing benefits, regulates the body temperature & helps reduce that hangover headache that usually arrives after a weekend of festival partying.

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