Gifts That Keep on Giving: Bogavia (Multi-Purpose) Beauty Mists

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gifts that keep on giving

We love multi-tasking, whether it’s getting multiple services in one Shobha Visit or a member of our team working on multiple projects at the same time. We expect no less of our cherry-picked products that we offer you (and indulgently buy and use ourselves).

Bogavia Beauty Mists continue to defy our expectations. Bogavia promises that you can use these multi-taskers on your body, hair, and even in your home to refresh and smell fresh. Oh, and they’re made from only natural ingredients to boot. We offer two delicious flavors: Valencia Vanilla which is reminiscent of a creamsicle (read: citrus and vanilla notes) and Rimini Lilac Rose, which is a light floral scent that makes it feel like springtime all year round.

Since we like to make our products work overtime, we use Bogavia Beauty Mist as a clothing refresher in a pinch. Yep, that’s right Jenn Pesce (our brand director) spritzed some on a (gasp!) wrinkled shirt and ironed the lovely Bogavia scent into the fabric. Not only did she get the wrinkles out, but she smelled fresh all day! So put down the that chemical-laden Febreze spray and spritz on a little Bogavia Beauty Mist. (Please note: try a small test patch on your clothing first before going gangbusters – you want to make sure everyone plays nicely in the sandbox together, and we’d hate for you to ruin your duds.)

Plus, at just $14 each, they make perfect stocking stuffers, and if you order by 3pm (EST) today (12/18/2015) you’ll have them in time to put under the tree with the shipping on us (yep FREE US standard shipping with no minimums or codes necessary). Get gifting (or hoard them for yourself!).

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