Getting Rid of Pubic Hair?

bikini tips

In the wise words of Nelly, “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!”

Summer means less clothing, spending more time at the beach, laying poolside with a great read, or just partying with friends. Yet, nothing can deflate someone’s confidence more than unwanted hair making a special guest appearance out of that bikini you worked so hard to get into. Since our numero uno goal is to provide you with #hairlesshappiness one service at a time, here are some options to combat the angst that may come along with your scantily clad summer wardrobe.

Sugaring & Waxing

Much like waxing, sugaring is a super sweet (& all natural) way to get rid of any unwanted hairs down there. If you’re a little on the shy side & much rather do it yourself, our Shobha Sugaring Kit has all the tools you’ll need to achieve all the hairless happiness you desire. If not, come on in & let one of our skilled specialist handle the hairy work for you. It’ll be over before you know it!


If your calendar is anything like ours, you probably struggle to find the time to take extra care of all of your grooming necessities. If so, laser could be the answer! Laser is a great lazy body remedy to *ahem* trim your grooming time down significantly! Plus, when you get a 3 pack or 6 pack, you save major dollars on every visit. Visit us for a quick & free laser consultation to see if it is the fit for you, you can thank us later.  In the meantime, we’ll leave you with our thoughts on laser – life.changing.period.

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