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I can’t solve world issues or make this a toxin-free world but here are some retro ways I’m trying to make my beauty routine a bit more natural:

Fight breakouts au naturale
Pumpkin (not pimple) picking season is here!  No need to rub harsh nasties into your already sensitive and inflamed pores… put some pumpkin on’em instead.  Check out this recipe from seventeen magazine that not only works but sounds delish too 🙂

Get squeaky clean
Originally from Spain (name after the Castilla region) this soap was made from olive oil only but can be made from a variety of other bases like coconut, hemp, avocado, almond, walnut & other veggie oils. (wow! I can pronounce those & wouldn’t mind eating most of those too! )  Castile soap is great for sensitive skin.  It can be used all over your body (hair included) & you can clean your house with it!!!

Want to really multitask?  Pick up a bottle of kiss my face peace soap et voila you’re donating without doing very much.  10% of the profits support seeds of peace!

Smoothness sweet smoothness
I’ve been a leg shaver most my life.  I’ve been going through shave creams like it’s my job (well it  kind of is).  All of them thus far have left me itchy & irritated [read: not happy].  I mean what’s the point of shaving if you’re replacing the hair with red bumps?  Should just go hairy – & that’s just what I’m doing. I’m going hairy & then I’m going to sugar that hair right out of here!  Sugaring is a natural alternative to wax.  So natural you can eat it (can I stop talking about eating? I thought this was about beauty?) you can do it at home or get it done by the pros… might make for an interesting Saturday night…

What kind of retro regimens do you use?

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