Freaky Hairy Trivia Friday

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We’ve been long overdue on some trivia that surrounds the very element in life we try to eliminate: hair.  So here we go, some of the trivia may be nsae (not safe after eating), please read with caution.

Did you know:

  1. …what trichophagia is?   It’s the actual name for those who choose to chow down on the strands that make up their coifs.
    Be not mistaken eating your hair fibers doesn’t work like Benefiber.  Our stomachs inability to break down hair fibers can lead to ulcers & in super severe cases can actually form a sizeable hairball that can only be removed via operation.  Need a snack? Try one of these healthy suggestions instead 🙂
  2. …your hair is super strong?  The average person can don up to 150,000 hairs on top of his/her noggin.  A single one of those hairs can hold up to 100 grams!  So if we do the math right  a whole head of hair could hold up two elephants! How about brows? Maybe a baby elephant?
  3. …you have more brow hairs than you think? Yep, you have about 250 hairs per brow. Baby elephants everywhere watch out!
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