Feeding Our Acure Addiction With More Freebies This Fall

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It’s been love at first lather.  Ever since we’ve been introduced to the amazing Acure Organics line, our team (& their skin) have been happier campers. We really can’t decide what we like most of all about the line, maybe it’s the combination of all these factors that does the trick:

  • Affordable – we love to over suds & slather, in other words, we are generous with our applications of their body washes & lotions, so the friendly $13 price is on point for our pampering & our purse.
  • Pretty packaging – it’s no secret, we dig bright colors & all things pretty.  The packaging is practical (thank you squeezey tubes) & pretty to put in your shower.
  • They smell as good as they work – each product has a targeted effect, from stimulating to exfoliating to firming & not only do they work, but they smell great while getting the job done!  Enjoy scents like coconut pumpkin, lilac + mint, mandarin orange & lemongrass. mmm.

Be sure to check out our salon calendar to see when our Acure Organics expert is making a cameo at your favorite salon – she’ll be bringing along some deluxe free goodie bags ($50 value), which you can take home with a purchase of $30+ of Acure products!

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