Faux Glow Wedding Day Prep

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I’m getting married!

Since I see more of our NYC office interior during winter than the coast of St. Barts, I’m going to have to get creative – Snooki style – if I want a sun kissed glow for my February wedding. I’m going with a well-planned spray tan!

Here’s how I’m gonna do it…

6 months before wedding:

  • Exfoliate
  • Regular hair removal routine
  • Use Ingrown Relief Lotion for any bumps or ingrowns
  • Moisturize with coconut oil (my skin seems to be very sensitive & this stuff seems to work the best for – plus you can always cook with it and it smells delish too!)

2 months before wedding:

  • Trial spray tan to figure out the right shade/formula.

2 weeks before the big day:

  • Let the hair grow wild -it’ll be February so I’ll need the extra warmth!
  • Schedule waxing/sugaring & threading appointments

Week of the wedding:

  • Have the Shobha® specialists wax/sugar my legs, bikini, & arms
  • Thread brows & upper lip
  • Use Rosewater Calming Gel for any irritated or red areas day after wax
  • 48 hours of rest is best: no steam rooms or sex

48 hours after wax:

  • Get my glow on – spray tan here we come!

Then this well-groomed bronzy babe will be ready to tie the knot!

Xo- Veronica

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