Earth & GT; Your Razor

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Today is earth day – a much nicer holiday than last Friday’s tax day!  Even though earth is like a ga-billion years old, earth day wasn’t celebrated until the ‘70s (naturally, of course).  What’s better then celebrating mother nature & our groovy planet? (kidding about the ‘groovy,’ I got caught up in the whole ’70s thing!) being green doesn’t mean having dreads, not showering, & eating granola anymore – now even the biggest fashionistas take steps to help preserve our planet, so we are encouraging everyone to do their part to preserve our planet too.

With that said, did you know that the average woman will waste over 420,000 gallons of water shaving in her lifetime?! Can’t visualize this? That’s enough to fill not only a backyard swimming pool a few times, but an Olympic-sized one!  Now, can you think of a better reason to wax & sugar your body parts?!  We can’t either.  Plus, think about the chemicals in your shaving gel/cream that you are washing down the drain with all of that wasted water.  So, please, don’t burn your bra, burn your razor (or better yet, don’t buy one & see if you can recycle yours)!

P.S. If you’re reading this & thinking you should schedule an appointment – then do so today! As a celebration for Earth Day, we are serving up some free bubbly (mango juice + champagne = delicious) at all 3 of our salons.  Why? To help save water of course!


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