Coppertone Spray Sunscreen Natural Product Alternative: Coola Sport Spf 30 Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen can seem like a double edged sword. If you don’t wear it you risk sunburn & skin damage which can lead to even more serious conditions (like the big c). If you do wear it most of the ones on the shelves are packed so full of toxins that it makes the pros & cons of wearing it almost even out. By all means wear sunscreen but wear the good stuff as in the non-toxic stuff. It may feel like you’re on a quest for a unicorn but non-toxic sunscreen does exist & that’s why we’ve been using Coola ever since we found it a few years ago & why we offer it at all Shobha salons.

Coola chose to develop their line using as many ingredients as possible that are natural, organic, sustainable & locally sourced, much like the foods we prefer to eat. Green, yet still luxurious, each of Coola’s high performance products protect & nourish the skin with vitamins & age-defying antioxidants, while remaining free of parabens, paba, petroleum & phthalates. If that didn’t make you want to switch this will: as an advocate of both research & education, Coola donates to the melanoma research alliance & healthy child healthy world.

So friends put the can of Coppertone Sunscreen down & slowly back away from it & pick up the better choice: Coola Sport SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray. Derived with natural & organic ingredients you won’t miss your old drugstore choice & more importantly you won’t get sunburn.

We all should wear sunscreen daily. In efforts to clean up our beauty routine especially for the fourth tomorrow we’re switching out the drugstore stuff for Coola. Will you?

Have a hairless, happy & safe independence day!

Friendly reminder: all Shobha salons will be closed tomorrow (7/4/2015) to observe & celebrate this national holiday. We’ll be open for regularly scheduled salon hours the following day.

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