Cocktail Round Up: 3 Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo (Shobha De Mayo)

Shobha de Mayo is here!  For the lay person that’s also known as Cinco de Mayo & for those who don’t speak/read/write Spanish – it’s the 5th of May, otherwise known as today, Tuesday! Ok now that we’ve got that all squared away we wanted to share with you our favorite ways to celebrate this day – with cocktails. More specifically cocktails with one key ingredient: Shobha Sugaring Gel. That’s right our sweet hair removal product also makes for a pretty killer cocktail (& it’s completely safe to eat/drink as it’s made with sugar, lemon juice, water & a bit of glycerin).

Here are three ways you can enjoy Shobha Sugaring Gel (other than the traditional way to get smooth skin):

1.The Original Shobharita

First things first, this is how you can make our original Shobharita:

2. Shobha Arugula Sangria

You can also use our  Shobha Sugaring Gel to concoct a pretty special sangria with arugula (you know so you can get your greens in while you imbibe). For the full recipe check it out here!

3. Shobha Rosewater Sangria

Last, but definitely not least, if you’d like to make a more romantic cocktail for Shobha de Mayo may we suggest our Shobha Rosewater Sangria? Get that recipe here.

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