Check Us Out in Cosmo Explaining Why No. 3 is Crucial

Shobha in cosmo asked several waxing professionals what they wished their clients would stop doing & we responded gladly (for the sake of our clients & their bikini lines) to help you guys get the smoothest wax ever.

As NYC’s top hair removal experts, there are a few things we truly wish our clients would stop doing. No. 1 in our books is definitely shaving between Shobha Bikini Waxing Appointments. “[It] can throw off your waxing schedule and prevent you from getting the cleanest results from your wax. Also, uneven shaving can lead to stubble after waxing … as some hairs may be too short for proper removal.”

Along with shaving between bikini waxing appointments, cosmopolitan addresses 6 other waxing no no’s which you can read by clicking here!

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