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Have The Best Day. Ever.

We know, we know there’s a lot of inneuendos about “carpets” in our line of beauty but today we’re talking about actual carpets –…
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Join Our Team!

We’re hiring: Front desk coordinators to provide outstanding customer service Salon managers to support a high-performing team Marketing interns to help spread hairless happiness…
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Snow Day Fun!

***************************************************** Snow updates for Tuesday, 1/27/2015 Due to the extreme weather conditions, all NYC locations are closed today, 1/27, however our DC location will…
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Ceramics Reunion

The fruits of our labor are in! We’ve been reunited with our ceramics from our holiday party & it feels so good. Check out…
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A Look Back At 2014

We had so many favorite moments of 2014 we though the only proper way to relive them would be through a mini montage! We…