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Happy Rooms

Ever wonder what a place will look like when you’ve never been there before? & you absolutely have no idea what to expect?  I…
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Scary & Hairy

Happy Halloween!  We’ve all seen (& maybe even had!) some frighteningly overgrown brows, ferocious five o’clock shadows and some terribly bushy…well…bushes. Those are scary…
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A Must Read

We have pretty viral habits here at Shobha.  After one person donned a certain circle scarf (*ahem – moi*) about 75% more of our…
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“Just Facebook Me…”

It’s the new “what’s your number?” pick up line. Keeping in touch sans talking is the newest trend.  Everyone has their own personal justification…
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What is Shobha?

Here at Shobha, our team’s mission is to be your #1 choice for natural & effective hair removal services & products.  We care about…