Shoshi’s Top Pleasure Picks Part 1

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There was a pleasure soiree at Shobha, & it was a sensational time.  As we sipped champagne & mimosas,  I presented my selections of  girl gadgets & props for the boudoir.  The picks are luxury products, which makes them higher in quality & even more fun.

The following are my top picks from the party.  They will help you get down with some serious lovin’, even if it is just with yourself.  After all, it is the month of love.

  • Sasha grey signature black glass- made from hygienic borosilicate glass, this dark & erotic dildo offers pleasure bumps for additional stimulation.  It is also non-porous & phthalate-free.  Use this any which way you like it, front or back, baby!
  • Courtesan candy- next time you are looking for an exotic perfume to leave your signature, get something from courtesan candy, an aphrodisiac oil-based line. There are several collections to choose from, such as the modern courtesan collection,  new york collection, french collection, & courtesan kink collection.
  • Black thunder- mr. Thunder is a very special guest anytime you need a friend, a 12 inch friend that is!  It has a suction cup at the bottom so that it can attach to a surface.  If you like things a bit on the larger side, he should satisfy you.
  • Siri- lelo makes some of the best girl gadgets around for the bedroom.  Shaped like an egg, it is wonderful for all-over stimulation.  It goes for four hours after it is charged & has six stimulation modes, which come in handy when you want to mix things up.
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