Eyebrows Throughout The Ages

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Fashion & hair aren’t the only things to constantly change over time. Take a look at these women, who helped define the eyebrow trends of their eras:

  • Ancient Egyptians – brows were very exaggerated to maximize the “cat-eye” look.
  • 1700’s: Marie Antoinette – natural & defined (nothing like her hair – or personality!).
  • 20’s: Clara Bow – tweezed & heavily penciled in brows create a memorable look.
  • 30’s: Deanna Durbin – natural & elongated brows add length & drama.
  • 40’s: Bette Davis – Bette’s long, straight brows completed her iconic look.
  • 50’s: Marilyn Monroe – this leading lady popularized platinum hair with a very defined, darker brow.
  • 60’s: Elizabeth Taylor – thick, dark & dramatic brows draw attention to Liz’s beautiful eyes.
  • 70’s: Farrah Fawcett – on the thinner side, Farrah’s brows enhance her natural shape.
  • 80’s: Demi Moore – big & full – just like most trends in the 80’s!
  • 90’s: Jennifer Aniston – thin, but natural, Jenn’ brows were the perfect complement to her infamous hairdo.
  • 2000’s: Halle Berry – not too thick & not too thin, just like Halle’s killer bod.
  • current: Camilla Belle – a natural shape & thickness help enhance Camilla’s face.
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