Roses Are Red … And Beneficial For Skin Too

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Boyfriends & husbands sentenced to the doghouse may actually have had another motive when bringing home a dozen roses to their angry other half! According to Yoga International Mag, roses are much more than a pretty decoration. For thousands of years now, roses have been used as a beneficial sweet treat, beauty product, natural astringent & even an aromatic de-stresser. Obviously the men in our lives were hoping the roses would “balance our emotions & hormones” & “warm our hearts” – sneaky, sneaky! Although that fragrant bouquet is beautiful, you should send your man back & ask for a Rosewater Gift Bag of Shobha® Rosebuddies, Shobha® Rosewater Freshening Cloths & a Shobha® Rosewater Toner…it’ll do the job of relieving the tension & it lasts much longer!

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