From French to English – Lost in Translation

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We recently came across a concert venue called “Le Bikini” in France (yes, we are always thinking about hair removal!) which got us thinking about other French words & phrases us English speakers use. Check out the list below:

  • café
  • ballet-as in that classical dance I’ll never be flexible enough for
  • à la carte-would you like our Shobha ®  Sugaring Gel  à la carte or with our Shobha ®  Sugaring Kit, fancy right?
  • au jus
  • chauffeur-something I wish I had
  • fiancé-Shia LaBeouf (going with the French theme) is my fiancé…*sigh* i wish.
  • entrée
  • Mardi Gras- the day I can eat as many entrées as I want!

Heureux le bonheur glabre! (happy hairless happiness)

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