Hair-Raising Tax Day Tales

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Happy Tax Day! To celebrate, check out this list of celebs who owe ‘brow raising’ amounts of money:

1. Nicolas Cage – we bet he wishes he found some “National Treasure” now. He owes a whopping $13 million in taxes!

2. Marc Anthony – “love don’t cost a thing” or does it? Jennifer Lopez had it all wrong & her ex-hubby knows it now, he owes the IRS a total of $5.9 million!

3. Ja Rule – turns out he’s not “always on time,” the rapper has to pay $1million to Uncle Sam and serve a prison sentence.

Would you rather spend that $13 million on 433,333 Shobha® Sugaring Kits? Yup, us too!

Hope your tax day isn’t as hairy as these celebs!

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