Research Proves It: Women Prefer Less-Hairy Men!

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Listen up, guys! According to a recent study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, women prefer hairlessness in men.  Scientists asked 161 Turkish & 183 Slovakian women to rate the attractiveness of men who first posed with hairy chests & then with clean-shaven ones.   Only about 20% of women preferred the shaggier versions!  The study was designed to test the so-called ‘Ectoparasite Avoidance Hypothesis,’ which theorizes that women choose hairless mates to avoid lice & other bugs (ew!) that can take up residence on unshorn men.  Though Turkey has a higher rate of parasite-transmitted diseases, about 80% of women from both countries were drawn to the smoother chests. Might I suggest a bit of manscaping, gentlemen?

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