You Can Shave The Baby Doll & Other Weird Toys

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At first glance of the article, “Playtime is Over: The Weirdest Toys Ever to Make it On To Shelves,” I thought the ‘You Can Shave The Baby’ doll was the latest outlandish toy to emerge from Japan.  The doll has tufts of bright orange hair scattered from its head to its creepy, carpeted ankles.  & I couldn’t help but think that now not only can you dress your doll & change its diaper, but you can also shave its plentiful body hair – freaky! As it turns out, the doll was never meant for toy stores’ shelves.  The controversial artist, Zbigniew Libera, created this piece in the mid-1990s as a social commenthairy (sorry, i couldn’t resist).  Hmm, let’s leave the hair removal to the professionals… & away from babies!

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