DIY Detox Discussion Recap

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Huge thanks to Nadya Andreeva of for leading our DIY Detox Discussion at Shobha FiDi last Tuesday. In case you weren’t able to join we’ll be posting some helpful & realistic daily tips you can incorporate into your day to eliminate some toxins out of your daily routine, so make sure to check back all this week!

Today’s tip is to scrape your tongue each morning. Yes, scrape all of that yuuucky stuff off & you’ll already be on your way to removing toxins that may have built up overnight, as well as reducing bacteria on your tongue. Besides looking nice & pink after a good scrape you’ll enhance you sense of taste & improve your digestion – umm yes & yes. Nadya suggests looking for a tongue scrapper copper & giving your tongue 5-7 downward scrapes each morning.

Happy scraping!

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