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Someone else is in love with eyebrows as much as we are! However, they aren’t just in love or intrigued with the idea of eyebrows alone, it’s the combination of eyebrows & eye-wear that has blogger Sandra of eyespectacle.com raising her brows. “Eyebrows & glasses have the ability to define who you are, so I think this is a good place to start when looking for a new pair of glasses.”

A little about Sandra …

“I’m Sandra, I live in London & I am a product designer in eye-wear. I started my blog mainly as an excuse to talk about one of my greatest passions, eye-wear! I also saw this as an opportunity to talk about lots of other things that inspire me, many of these are related to eye-wear (in a way or the other…sometimes the connection is a little cryptic, I admit it!) & sometimes they inspire my artwork. Glasses & sunglasses play an essential role in defining our personality; I like to think that eyespectacle gives them the importance they deserve.”

Check out her blog for her input on eyebrows & eyeglasses as well as a chance to see her beautiful illustrations, we think you might love it as much as we do at Shobha!

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