Enhance Your Faux Or Natural Eyebrows

Now that you know how to hide your eyebrows to achieve drag queen faboulousness, above are some fun things you can do on the opposite side of the spectrum to enhance your faux or natural eyebrows.

For more natural looking eyebrows here are some tips on how you can achieve that look. First you will need a couple of products

  • Shobha® Brow Pencil
  • Shobha® Brow Brush (essential  for achieving perfect brows)
  • Concealer
  • Hair spray (yes, hair spray)

The first step is to lightly start filling in your eyebrows, concentrating the most amount of color towards the arch & the end of your brow. If you make the beginning of your brow too dark, it will make your eyebrows look harsh, which is not a good look (unless that’s what you’re looking for). You can either apply the pencil directly onto the eyebrow or rub some of the product on an angled brush for more precision & control.

A brow brush or “spooly” is essential to good brows. It brushes out any hard edges & makes the pencil blend in with your natural hairs. Once you are done blending out your eyebrow, apply some hairspray to your brow brush & set your brow to assure staying power. (We learned this tip from our friends over at refinery29.com).

The last step is to clean up any mess-ups with concealer, this also creates light & adds a nice highlight under your brows, which creates the effect of an instant brow lift.

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