How To Get Smooth Skin

how to get smooth skin

Try these 3 steps & our product recs!

Step 1: Hydrate

Many models & actresses credit this beauty secret to their great skin – drink water! Yeah, maybe you’re tired of the ‘drink 8 cups of water a day’  propaganda, but you really, studies show, we should be drinking half our body weight in (ounces of) water.

Quick math lesson:  Take your body weight & divide by 2. Then divide that number by 8 to get the number of cups of water you should be drinking daily (& let’s just say I should be drinking more than 8 cups a day… maybe 8 cups isn’t a bad starting point after all).

#Protip: Be fancy & add lemon juice to your water to help you stay blemish-free & flush toxins out of your system.

Step 2: Exfoliate

As humans we naturally shed our skin, but we could use a little help to speed the process along to maintain smoother, softer skin. That’s where exfoliating comes to the rescue, sloughing off the dead dull skin dimming our glow.  For an easy fix opt for the Shobha Exfoliating Cloth, aka Mother Nature’s washcloth, which is great for sensitive skin & can be used on a daily basis. Best of all, you can swap out your shower poof for this cloth & wash per usual – no added steps to your routine, plus it helps prevent those pesky ingrowns.

If you love a good scrub (& let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!), give flourish’s Honey Blossom Sugar Body Polish a go. It uses sugar crystals to gently remove dry, flaky skin, while the coconut oil in it locks in moisture. Oh & did we mention the smell?  It’s delicate, sweet & delicious – good enough to eat (yeah, we may have tasted it #sorrynotsorry).

Step 3: Moisturize

Lastly, to protect your fresh, new skin, make it a daily habit to slather on your favorite lotion, oil or butter.  & don’t forget your lips! The lips needs lovin’ too.  Our pals at Rooted Beauty happen to make all-natural lip butters that nourish your pretty pout while backing the Woman2Woman project, with proceeds of each purchase helping women who’ve escaped extreme poverty & trafficking, not only survive, but thrive.

Let’s recap: hydrate, exfoliate, moisturize, repeat.

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