Brow Tips That Don’t Cost a Thing

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brow tips

Here are 3 brow boos to avoid & tips to get your most natural brow look using products you already have in your beauty arsenal.

Brow Boo Boo #1: The boxy aggressive brow

Tip #1: For a more natural look, do not start filling in your brows at the very beginning. Instead, using an angled liner brush & your favorite brow powder or pomade, start filling in underneath your brow about midway, creating a sharp line all the way to the tail end of your brow. Then take whatever is left over on your brush & lightly create hair like strokes to fill in any sparse areas at the beginning of your brows.

Brow Boo Boo #2: The halo brow

Tip #2: While we like glowing skin, let’s all agree to forgo the shiny brow bone, shall we? Instead of using a concealer lighter than your skin tone to cover up stray brows between Shobha Visits, use your foundation. It’ll make your eyes say, “I woke up like dis.”

Brow Boo Boo #3:  The product-heavy brow

Tip#3: More isn’t always more… & sometimes we can all get a little carried away on the 3 p’s – pencil, powder, pomade.  Take your angled eyeliner brush & lightly dip it into your concealer. Then create light hair like strokes in the beginning of your brow to break up any overly filled in areas.

Et voila! More natural & beautiful brows without costing an added penny!

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