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The new pope has everyone raising their brows! 

On Wednesday the pope refused the car that had been prepared for him after his election. Instead of traveling in a private car, he jumped on the bus alongside other cardinals – which is 100% against the norm. The new pope’s actions have us asking ourselves, “Will he ever be trading in public transportation for the popemobile!?” if for some reason the pope’s demanding schedule conflicts with the Vatican city bus schedules, he will have no other choice but to ride in his private car. But we are sure he will not be disappointed with his wheels, as popes have been riding in Mercedes-Benz’s since the 1930’s (also brow-raining)!

In general, we assume that the position of the pope comes with a lot of perks – & truth is, it does, but he passed up on those. Pope Francis chose to live in an apartment instead of the archbishop’s palace, passed on a private chef & also passed up on a chauffeured limousine (so much brow-raising news in one story!). According to rev. Eduardo Mangiarotti, an Argentine priest, “The new pope is a very humble man” & so far, we have to agree!

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