“Brow-Raising” News!!

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This is not only brow-raising news, it’s giddily laughing, heart-racing, mouth hanging, all open like an idiot, news. I know this video is kind of old, but it’s new to me & i’m subjecting everyone in my life to it.

This is almost too overwhelming for me, so I have to break it down.

Reasons this video is the best thing that has ever happened on earth:

1. I know it’s supposed to be some sort of salsa outfit, but it kind of looks like the dog is wearing lederhosen. Now, this is just basic comedy 101. Having a firmly developed appreciation for lederhosen is a prerequisite in understanding comedy.

  • Comedy 101: building a foundation: lederhosen, men’s naked butts & the cream pie to the face.
  • Comedy 201: spit-takes.
  • Comedy 301: advanced spit-takes.
  • Dissertation: airplanes 1 & 2, an odyssey.

2. It is insanely long. 3 minutes & 9 seconds, which leads me to my next point…

3. Quads of steel. I think this viewer comment kind of says it best: “I watch this vid like every day! I’m so obsessed… & jealous! I wish my dog could do that soo bad. He’s a border collie/lab so he’s def. Smart enough, but he’s way too fat & lazy to stay on his hind legs for so long.” You see?

4. The high-pitched dog barks throughout the song. It’s just really cute!

5. The actual salsa dancers whose spot just got blown up by some guy & his dog. Upon second (thousandth) glance, it looks like they have white rags & aprons, so maybe they’re waitstaff? Either way.

6. The part where the guy is crouching & the dog runs around him (tiny circle!).

7. Smiley face/waggly tail.

Also, the 40 dislikes?

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