Brazil Is Only A 3-pack Away

Are you a commitment-phobe? Then I have the perrrr-fect deal for you! Until July 3rd, you can take advantage our “No Strings Attached” promotion by purchasing a Shobha® Brazilian 3-Pack!

For those of you already familiar with our Shobha® services, you make know about our famous Shobha® 6-Packs. Although non-alcoholic, our 6-packs give you the opportunity to purchase your favorite service in bulk, while helping you keep up with your grooming regimen. If ‘6’ seems like too much of a commitment for you, then our 3-pack deal is right up your alley! Like a summer fling our 3-pack offers you all the perks of a great relationship with only limited commitment (I know, sounds like the perfect combination to me!).

Remember, this is a summer exclusive, so get it while it lasts! To redeem this deal just pre-pay for 3 Brazilian treatments, regulate your routine & enjoy the savings! You’ll be so happy with this deal, you can use your savings to celebrate with an actual 6-pack of beer (in this scenario, a 3-pack would not be enough!).


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