Braving the Brazilian

first brazilian waxHello there! My name is Kristen & I am a Shobha Intern here in the big city! I’ve only recently started working here in the office with the marketing team but my experience thus far has been nothing short of spectacular. I first learned about Shobha at my university’s career fair & I was immediately drawn to their table because of their bright smiles & obviously, their fleeky brows. When I learned more about Shobha’s mission & why it was so rewarding & fun to work there, I just knew that I had to be a part of it! I eagerly handed my resume to one of the marketing team members & anxiously awaited to hear back from them.

Before I knew it, here I was! Tight away I started to immerse myself in all things Shobha, sure to take advantage of all products & services offered. Back home in Maryland, I avidly got my eyebrows threaded so I was over the moon to find Shobha, a company here in New York that also put so much care and thought into shaping my brows. However, when it came to Brazilian waxing I was absolutely lost.

Fed up with shaving my bikini area (definitely not ideal in my tiny dorm room shower), I decided to go give it a try & headed to Shobha SoHo with some of my friends on our Galentine’s Day date. I was also able to refer my friends & we all got $10 off of our service which was pretty nice on our tight college student budget.

Upon walking in we were instantly greeted by the front desk employee. I told her that I wanted to get a Brazilian wax & my eyebrows threaded. Within seconds I was sitting in the specialist’s (Sam) chair. The threading went quickly & smoothly.  All biases aside, I have to say it was the best threading I’d ever received; Sam made sure that I was satisfied with how my brows looked. The rosewater cold compress that she applied, after she finished, were the best part. My face felt so refreshed & smelled delightful.

Next, we headed back to one of the private waxing rooms.  My stomach twisted into knots. Seeing that I was a little apprehensive, Sam assured me that I would be okay & that there was nothing to worry about. First, she wiped me down with the rosewater freshening cloths  & then coated my skin with Shobha Talc-Free Powder.  The waxing itself did take a little time, but the pain was very manageable & minimal.

During the whole process, from the start of my brows until the application of the soothing cold rosewater compress at the end of my wax, Sam was very engaging & kept a steady conversation going. I was, & still am, so happy & impressed with my Brazilian.  In fact, all of my razors went flying into the trash when I returned home.

Some tips to make your Brazilian/bikini experience go a little smoother (pun intended):

  1. Although the experience truly is not as painful as the anticipation, taking an ibuprofen before your service could be beneficial if you do not have a lower tolerance for pain.
  2. Talk to your specialist! Tell them exactly what you want & voice any concerns you have. Also, do not be afraid to ask them about any of the products they are using if you have questions.
  3. Enjoy & embrace your wax, but also make sure to do your due diligence for proper aftercare, so you stay smooth & bump-free!

Hands down, a Shobha Wax is for sure one-of-a-kind; I am so happy that I literally put the shaving gel down & my worries aside to try one out for myself. The bending & reaching in the shower to get your desired results just aren’t worth it. I will never go back & I hope that you will join me & the rest of the Shobha Team on the journey to hairless happiness.

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