Big News About 3-packs…

Shobha® 3-Packs will keep you & your appearance on a polished path! Each Shobha® 3-Pack is designed to create a simple grooming regimen to ensure your upkeep with a bonus of savings!

  • Shobha® 3-Packs can be purchased at all Shobha Locations
  • Shobha® 3-Packs are available for all services with the exception of trimming
  • your Shobha® 3-Pack info is stored electronically in our system
  • Shobha® 3-Packs can be used at any Shobha Location
  • Shobha® 3-Packs are nontransferable & nonrefundable
  • Different rates apply for a senior Shobha® 3-Pack
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