Beauty, Brains & Brows: The Ladies of Levo League

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Beauty, brains & brows!

We teamed up with these 4 ladies a few months ago to do an amazing article about our founder & CEO, Shobha Tummala. Now, decked out in Shobha® brows, we couldn’t be more excited to announce their newly launched online community & platform,! Levo League is the first-ever online platform dedicated solely to helping young, female professionals advance in their careers. Since Shobha is a company run mostly by women, who focuses our own philanthropic efforts on the education of women & children, we couldn’t be more  ecstatic over what these women are doing for our community!

To experience the ‘corner office’ for yourself, visit to learn more about their efforts go to the Levo League facebook fan page or follow them on twitter @levoleague.

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