Be The ‘Coolest’ Hostess Around

4th of July is almost here! Can you believe it?!?! (did you book your Shobha date? We’ve got extra hours to accommodate).

Planning the perfect bbq, pool or beach party is awesome until Mr. Humidity steps in & the sweat meter rises.  Help your friends & fam out by having a bowl of ice with some Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloth Singles on hand at your parties. Your guests will be able to de-sweat, sanitize & socialize all at once.

Or if you’re a party of one, keep some singles in the fridge. When you get home after a long day (either from work or a fun day in the sun) chill out by folding the cloth length-wise & place it over your eyes while resting your head on a pillow for an instant at-home chill out.

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