Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Natural Product Alternative: Shobha Brow Pencil

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There was an actual point in time when members of our team went sans brow product. (We know. We know.) Of course we relied heavily on our perfect brow shapes created by our Shobha specialists & were very satisfied with them. However, the moment we started to enhance our arches with brow pencil was a life changing moment & we haven’t looked back since.

Like every other makeup junkie obsessed with creating perfect brows, we’ve loved the little pot of Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. We took a look at the ingredient list & then went looking for greener more paraben-free pastures. Sure the Dipbrows Pomade helps us to enhance our brows & that little brush does work magic but we had to stay true to our path for green beauty & that’s why our team created & uses Shobha Brow Pencils.

Shobha Brow Pencils come in two universally flattering shades, Earth & Sand. Many folks can wear both. It really comes down to your preference of a bold brow or a more natural looking one.

Shobha brow pencils are free of parabens & artificial fragrance. They come in eco-friendly boxes that reveal hidden info including brow anatomy, trivia & application tips. Shobha Brow Pencils allow you to build with color for more dramatic looks that are both long lasting & water resistant.

Did we mention that there’s a hidden sharpener in the cap? Yeah, there’s one of those too & you can recycle it to use with your fave eyeliner when you’ve sharpened the last nub of your brow pencil.  You can stash a Shobha Brow Pencil in your bag to use on-the-go on its own or use it with a brow spoolie/brush or even that angled brush you have from your Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade set.

We’ve made the swap, will you?

P dot s: for all you thrifty gals Shobha Brow Pencils also seem to last forever! That makes your price per wear fractions of pennies per wear! (each long lasting brow pencil is $16.)

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