Accessories With a Cause

Since our start back in 2001, we have always had a vested interest in furthering the lives of women & children with the community as a whole. Over the years, this ability to help others has been a driving force in our future plans as a company & the inspiration for Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women.

shobha hair ties

When you purchase a pack of Shobha® Hair Ties, proceeds benefit our efforts for education & empowerment of women at the Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women in Hyderabad, India.

shobha exfoliating cloth

When you buy the Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth, not only do you get yourself on the road to smoother, bump-free skin, but you can also feel just as great on the inside knowing that your purchase contributes to fair wage-jobs for individuals with disabilities.

Btw! There’s free shipping on all orders placed.

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