A Translation Guide For Beauty Junkies Learning The Language Of Ingredients

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Sure we were all taught as kiddies that it’s not polite to stare, but after reading, “No More Dirty Looks,” I encourage to give a really hard stare at the labels on your beauty products.  This lively read is the newest book to go viral with the Shobha team.  It exposes the nitty gritty of the uglier side of the beauty biz (similar to the book, “not just a pretty face,” only way more entertaining).

The book is organized in a way that you as a reader aren’t bogged down in too much scientific jargon, blah blah, etc. & the writers (two lovelies, Siobhan & Alexandra) list products that are safe and ones they actually recommend (after their personal guinea pigging sessions), taking the guesswork out of label reading if you are not one to do heavy research when you are in the beauty isles at the drugstore, Sephora, or anywhere else.  Another bonus, is the fresh batch of home remedies  that you can make with simple cooking ingredients you may already have  in your kitchen (read:  cheap & easy to make)!

Ciao for now beauties – Plain Jenn

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