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We have pretty viral habits here at Shobha.  After one person donned a certain circle scarf (*ahem – moi*) about 75% more of our office crew followed suit (or more appropriately – followed scarf).  The same holds true for books in our bags.  We pass & share books we absolutely heart & feel will change your life.

One the latest & greatest books that’s being passed around like the flu in the winter is Kelly Cutrone’s “If You’re Gonna Cry Go Outside: & Other Things Your Mother  Never Told You.”

I must admit I had a crush on Kelly’s brutally honest antics pre-read because of my can’t-stop-watching-love for her reality show Kell on Earth.

Kelly’s tough love ethics & honesty apply to all industries (not just fashion).  Staying true to herself has kept Kelly at the top of her game & has proved her to be the force to be reckoned with in her industry & any industry for the matter that she is today.

She also, shares her softer side as a mother & just like the rest of us is trying to find the balance in her personal & professional world.

Reading about Kelly’s direct approach to life will not only get you to the your mass transit destination but will help steer you towards your career destiny as well.

If you haven’t already read it, do it & over-share it with friends & loved ones that might need to pull up their big girl panties.


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