A Letter To Kelly Osbourne

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Dear Kelly,

I noticed you & hair dye seem to pretty close these days. Dabbling in colors such as grey & purple – I’ve put this aside because you’re the bad ass chick on E!’s Fashion Police. I’ve always enjoyed your candor in regards to celebrities who dress like crazy folk & those who are not so nice (& those who have been not so nice to you in the past). But as a legitimate fan – it’s only fair that I’m honest to you too. Please, please, please & I beg, lose the bleached brows. I know, I know – editors bleached them in a photo shoot. Never, I mean never do a photo shoot with them again. Maybe I’ll start a change.org petition for you to dye them to their original color. Maybe I won’t. Whatever you do, embrace the brow!

Sincerest regards,

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