A Hairy Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful-but hairy-princess.  The princess kept herself locked away in her castle tower, too dissatisfied with her personal grooming to consider throwing a ball while wearing a skimpy gown or party dress.

The princess had friends- animal friends- like every princess does.  Unfortunately, even though her mice & bird buddies could stitch up a stylish frock (remember how they made that killer gown for Cinderella?), body hair removal was not something that they were equipped to handle.

Brazilian bikini sugaring, full face threading, leg & arm waxing…oy!  The princess’ wish list was long.

The lucky princess had a very smart fairy godmother who came to her rescue!  She knew that more than magic was required to perform this makeover & rid the princess of her hairiness.  The princess needed help from the Shobha specialists.  They went to work, hooking the princess up with hair removal treatments.  &, like any thrifty consumer, the fairy godmother purchased Shobha six-packs for the services to save herself some coin (because even fairies don’t have money trees).

Yay!  Soon the princess threw a very special ball for everyone in the land.  The event went as smoothly as her freshly sugared skin.

& they all lived happily ever after!

-pink dawn

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