A Fresh Love Affair

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Dear delicious-smelling, multi-tasking Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths,
I am in love with you.
xo – pink dawn

Initially intended for the bikini area, here’s a list of why i love these rosy cloths (my pet name for them) & how they have become the Windex of my beauty arsenal:

  1. Beach buddy:  Swipe away sweat, sand, sunblock or seagull poop for days at the beach. Remember to stow them in your beach bag for easy access.
  2. Worry wiper:  Defunk yourself after an extra grimy subway ride.
  3. Raccoon remover: Free your face of raccoon eyes & other makeup residue.
  4. Hangover helper:  Chill the pack of cloths in the fridge for a more thrilling application & some de-puffing action after a few too many shobharitas (or just to cool down in the summer heat).
  5. The morning after magician:  Make your “walk of shame” less shameful (& noticeable) when you can’t sneak a shower.  Freshen up before you hit the streets – sorry, you’re on your own when it comes to sporting last night’s party look…
  6. Impromptu cleaner-upper:  Keep a pack handy for sticky situations, especially when you are out of sink/towel range (great for me & my little girls after an ice cream adventure).

Stay clean & smell divine – pink dawn

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